Hanalei Today

Kauai, the Garden Island, is the oldest and Northernmost of the eight main Hawaiian Islands. The coastal town of Hanalei is arguably the most beautiful white sand beach and bay in the world. Hanalei Bay is known for it’s surfing, walking, swimming, sailing, boating, fishing and a variety of other fun activities.




 Hanalei - The History

 Hanalei Bay in 1929

People ate together sharing common bowls and eating with the fingers. Eating with ones fingers is an art, there is an etiquette to eating with others in this fashion which included not dripping poi off ones fingers back into the poi bowl, picking up small portions with the index finger, thumb and middle finger, sitting cross legged without your feet sticking out to one side or the front. Food bowls were never made from koa wood, they were made of kou and milo and gourds. Small bowls were made from small gourds and coconut shells which were also drinking cups. After eating a wash bowl was provided for washing ones hands which had become soiled from the food. Pig was not the common meat source, dog was the preferred meat, it was less greasy, tasted better than pork and was easier to raise and care for. A Hawaiian diet has lots of fish, vegetables starch, lu'au greens or 'uala greens, some chicken, dog and rarely pork. Seafood was usually cooked pulehu style or if placed in the 'imu puholo style steamed or lawalu wrapped in ti leaf. Poi was made from kalo, 'ulu, 'uala or mai'a. Food was not generally stored for anytime everything was fresh, prepared and consumed as was needed. Left over scraps of food were saved for the domesticated animals, dogs were fed only the scraps of the cooked kalo, thus the origin of the name "poi dog"