Hanalei Mauka Makai Watch Program

Partnered with the DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) and the Hawaii Community Stewardship Network, HCSN, HWH has been coordinating a Mauka Makai Watch Program in Hanalei. At this point, the program is a volunteer effort to gather Human Use Data (what are folks doing where). The information will be very important to the other planning efforts underway in Hanalei.

The Hanalei Watershed Hui is proud to sponsor the Hanalei Makai Watch Program. Volunteers are welcome and will receive training. Please contact Makaala if you would like to be a part of this exciting opportunity to take care of our Hanalei.

I na malama ‘oe i ke kai, malama no ke kai ia ‘oe.
If you care for the ocean, the ocean will care for you.

Program Description:

Modeled after the successful Neighborhood Watch program, Makai Watch provides local communities concerned with the health of our river and nearshore marine resources the opportunity to become directly involved in their protection. There are three components of Makai Watch:

  • Awareness Raising and Outreach: Makai Watch participants provide ocean users with information about marine ecology, culture, history, regulations, safety, and appropriate behavior.
  • Biological and Human-Use Monitoring: Makai Watch participants collect informa-tion on the human use of marine resources (fishing, kayaking, collecting, etc.) and on the biological condition of those resources. Ongoing monitoring allows communities to gauge the success of their project. In-creased numbers of fish or improved coral health are strong indicators that their ef-forts are effecting positive change.
  • Observation and Compliance: Makai Watch participants observe the area, encourage users to learn and obey area regulations, and identity and report illegal activities to state enforcement officers.


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