Hanalei Watershed Based Plan

Funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Hawaii State DOH, Hanalei Watershed Hui (HWH) was awarded a contract to produce a Watershed Based Plan (WBP).

Watershed Management Plan for Hanalei Bay Watershed
Volume 1: Watershed Characterization (October 2012) (41 MB - large file)
Volume 2: Strategies and Implementation (December 2012) (6 MB)

This plan will characterize the four watersheds that drain into Hanalei Bay, and to the extent possible identify the sources and sinks of non point source pollutants and recommend activities and Best Management Practices to reduce non-point source pollutants described in the two Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) reports issued by the DOH for Hanalei. HWH has contracted Sustainable Resources Group Intn’l, Inc. (SRGII) to produce the WBP, with Andy Hood as the technical lead. HWH will produce community information and outreach materials and programs about this plan as it progresses. This project will assimilate existing information, including planning, data collection, monitoring efforts, watershed condition, and information on the primary pollutants, and develop a WBP that meets EPA guidelines. The WBP will provide guidance and prioritization for implementation efforts targeted at improving water quality. Once the WBP is developed, identified implementation activities can be funded under DOH’s 319 program.