Other efforts

Hanalei Bay and River:
State of Hawaii DLNR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR)commercial boating rules have been revised and are proceeding through public hearings. The proposed rules will provide regulated capacity and activities of commercial activities in Hanalei River and Bay.

Hanalei Town:
County of Kauai (COK) Parks and Recreation Department is producing a Parks Master Plan. The proposed Plan will contain rules to regulate commercial activities in County Parks. The COK has also initiated efforts to obtain the Sheehan lands mauka of Hanalei Blackpot Park to expand the park and parking facilities.

Hanalei Refuge:
The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)Kauai Complex of Refuges is conducting a process to develop a Comprehensive Conservation Plan for the three Kauai Refuges. For Hanalei, this should mean a full description of the Refuge’s kuleana as the occupant of the “piko” (umbilicus) of the Hanalei American Heritage River.

Hanalei River:
The East Kauai Soil and Water Conservation District (EKSWCD) has contracted AECOM to produce a plan to address the issues of the meander of the Hanalei River. The meander occurs on State of Hawaii land and allows over half of the river’s water to avoid the intake that delivers water to the taro farmers on the Hanalei Wildlife Refuge.  AECOM has issued a draft plan and comments are now (2-11) being received. In 2010, the Kauai Taro Grower’s Association (KTGA) obtained an “emergency” permit (under a declared emergency for the County), and utilized designs provided by the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) to build a “berm” to redirect water to the main river channel. This “fix” will probably not withstand future major rain events and flooding and a more long term solution is sought.