Hanalei Watershed Based Plan

Funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Hawaii State DOH, Hanalei Watershed Hui (HWH) was awarded a contract to produce a Watershed Based Plan (WBP).

Hanalei Mauka Makai Watch Program

Partnered with the DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) and the Hawaii Community Stewardship Network, HCSN, HWH has been coordinating a Mauka Makai Watch Program in Hanalei. At this point, the program is a volunteer effort to gather Human Use Data (what are folks doing where). The information will be very important to the other planning efforts underway in Hanalei.

Community Resiliency Plan

The Hanalei Watershed Hui has been very fortunate to have the expertise and effort of Cheryl Anderson PhD, Director of the Hazards, Climate & Environment Program (HCEP) Social Science Research Institute of the University of Hawaii and Sarah Henly-Shepard MPH, PhD assisting our community in the development of the Hanalei to Ha'ena Community Disaster Resilience Plan since 2008.

After the 2018 floods, the Hui embarked on an ambitious update of the Plan.

The 2019 edition is now in draft form and ready for community comment.


Integrated Resource Management Plan

The Hanalei Watershed Hui (HWH) is a 501c3 community based nonprofit that was established in 2000 to implement the Hanalei Watershed Action Plan. Supported by Federal, State, County, organizational and individual contributions, the HWH has garnered and coordinated support for scientific investigation and the collection of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the four ahupua’a of the Hanalei Bay watersheds, (Hanalei, Wai’oli, Waip?, and Waikoko).

Hanalei Fishing Survey

Hanalei Watershed Hui (HWH) has been providing logistical support to Impact Assessment, Inc. (IAI) who is conducting a fishery study for Hanalei Bay. Funded by the Hawaii Community Stewardship Network and DLNR DAR, Jack Kittinger has conducted focused interviews with fisherfolk in Hanalei to learn more about the history and contemporary fishery. Interviews provide an opportunity for fishers to discuss their practices, concerns, and any recommendations they have for management of the Hanalei fishery.

Other efforts

Hanalei Bay and River:
State of Hawaii DLNR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR)commercial boating rules have been revised and are proceeding through public hearings. The proposed rules will provide regulated capacity and activities of commercial activities in Hanalei River and Bay.