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Infrastructure and Land Use Inventory and Assessment

Transportation and Recreatation facilities

Zoning, actual use, build-out projections

Prime Ag land identification

Public access

Project Status: Completed Project

Funding Status: Not Funded

Priority: Med

Project Lead: 

County of Kauai

Dept. of Transportation

Natural Resources Conservation Service


County of Kauai

Dept. of Transportation

Hanalei Road Committee

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Plan of Action: 

Develop scope of work

Develop mapping strategy

Compile existing data

Identify data gaps

Hwy 560 on the Hawaii and Nat'l Historical Register

Hanalei Bridge Restoration

Accomplishments : 

Kauai County updated General Plan included identification of land use designations

1999 HWH Obtained GIS data layers

1999-present HWH updates GIS info annually

2/04 New Hanalei Bridge Dedicated

4/04 HWY 560 added to the State and Nat'l Historical Registers

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