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The goal is for the Hanalei Watershed Hui to become self supporting.

Project Status: Active Project

Funding Status: Not Funded

Priority: High

Project Lead: Hanalei WaterShed Hui

Plan of Action:

  • Explore assessing transient summer boats in Bay

  • T-shirts- Solicit artists, printers & merchants on consignment basis

  • Participate in festivals & fairs to sell t-shirts & posters

  • Explore custom license plates

  • Explore endowment funding


  • 3/2000  EPA Grant Consultation

  • HWH  develops logo and t-shirt for program promotion, sold t-shirts and posters at Taro Festival and Earth Day

  • 6/2002 HWH  staff attending fundraising workshop

  • 2003 HWH files for 501c3 Non Profit status with the IRS

  • 11/2002 ongoing funding development

  • On going grant applications are developed by staff.

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