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Natural Inventory and Assessment

Inventory and Assessment of instream and riparian natural resources; including estuary and bay.

Project Status: Completed Project

Funding Status: Funded

Priority: Med

Project Lead: 

Division of Aquatic Resources

Hanalei WaterShed Hui

Sea Grant

Univerisity of Hawaii

US Geological Survey Biological Resources Division


Kauai Invasive Species Committee

Natural Resources Conservation Service

US Geological Survey

Plan of Action: 

Develop scope of work

Establish GIS program

Compile existing data

Identify data gaps

Vegetative cover survey

Native/alien species survey


1999 HWH established GIS

2/2000 CRAMP/Alan Friedlander- bay data

8/2000 HWH LTEMP project begins (ongoing)

1/2001 NRCS hosts Hawaii Stream Visual Assessment Protocol training in Hanalei River

2003-04 HWH participates in KISC quarterly meetings

6/2003 Coral Larval recruitment study

4/2004 Hanalei hosts Federal Condel on invasive species

6/2004 Coral Larval recruitment study

6/2004 Friendlander Study developed

Summer 2004 USGS BRD to begin vegetation cover survey in upper watershed

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