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HWH Program

The  HWH Program is funded by the USFS in a multi-program grant, the EPA  and NOAA. Individual and corporate contributions are also accepted and may be designated for indivdual projects.

Project Status: Active Project

Funding Status: Partially Funded

Priority: High

Project Lead: Hanalei WaterShed Hui


Corporate and Private Donors

National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration

US Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service

Plan of Action:

Acquire sustained funding


  • 7/98 HWH  Initial Staff elected

  • (Acquired 6/98-5/03 funding approval--redundant)

  • USFS funding provided 6/98 through 8/05

  • EPA funding provided 6/03 through 12/05

  • NOAA funding provided through 2005

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