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Monitor Water Quality and the Biota in Hanalei River and Bay

Monitor water quality and the biota in the Hanalei River, Hanalei Bay and the other 3 streams entering the Bay. Measure the bacteria, turbidity, and nutrients in the waters of Hanalei on a regular basis. Conduct regular sampling for o'opu, their larvae and the juveniles.

Project Status: Completed Project

Funding Status: Funded

Priority: Med

Project Lead: 

Hanalei WaterShed Hui


AECOS Incorporated

University of Washington

US Environmental Protection Agency

Waipa Foundation

Plan of Action: 

On a weekly basis measure entrococcus indicator bacteria and turbidity in the waters of Hanalei.

On a monthly basis measure the above plus nutrients and total suspended sediment.

On a weekly basis conduct Long Term Ecological Monitoring Program surveys of O'opu.

Accomplishments : 

EPA Targeted Watershed Initiative supports monitoring

Bacteria data collected regularly since 2001

Turbidity data collected regularly since 2003

LTEMP done regularly since 2000

Data presented at local meetings, annual meeting of Hawaii Conservation Conference and at EPA Watershed Initiative meeting.

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