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River’s Meander-Cutoff Repair - KEYSTONE

Repair cutoff in a way that will provide water to farmers/refuge and provide for healthy instream ecosystem

Project Status: Completed Project

Funding Status: Partially Funded

Priority: Med

Project Lead: 

Kauai Taro Growers Association

US Fish and Wildlife Service


Dept. of Land and Natural Resources

Ducks Unlimited

US Army Corps of Engineers

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Plan of Action: 

Continue discussions & public awareness

Gauge FWS intake & instream flow

DU to complete engineering


9/99 HHR forum to devise low-tech plan

3/00 FWS to gauge/monitor intake/outfall (not functioning as of 6/03)

03/01 DU hired for engineering

1/04  DU developed plan to mitigate

7/04  No progress to date on fix

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