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Identify appropriate boating facilities

Identify appropriate boating facilities for local recreational users, although some people are interested in a fresh look at commercial operations. Discussion should involve all interested parties (community, DLNR-DOBOR/DAR, County, boaters, aquatic scientists)

Project Status: Active Project

Funding Status: Partially Funded

Priority: Med

Project Lead: 

Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation


County of Kauai

Dept. of Land and Natural Resources

Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation

Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement

Limu Coalition

Plan of Action: 

Find out/report status of court cases

Conduct a community poll

Inclusive discussions w/county and state

DLNR DOBAR-DOCARE/community discussion re mooring enforcement

Ramp Repair

Jurisdiction needs to be clarified with State and County

Accomplishments : 

10/00 DLNR issued new rules

6/00 DOBOR meeting re: moorings

HWH held a DOBOR/DOCARE community forum

2004 HWH participates in North Shore Ocean Recreation Management Advisory Committee (DOBOR)

Watershed Action Items


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