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Protocol for River Ecosystem, Water Quality and LTEMP Volunteer Monitoring

Establish straightforward, community friendly, affordable standards for watershed monitoring to assist in early detection of undesirable change. Conduct periodic bioassessment surveys to evaluate health of native species population.

Project Status: Completed Project

Funding Status: Funded

Priority: Not Active

Project Lead: 

Hanalei WaterShed Hui

Sea Grant


Dept. of Land and Natural Resources

Dept. of Health

Division of Aquatic Resources

Natural Resources Conservation Service

University of Hawaii

University of Hawaii - Stream Research

US Environmental Protection Agency

US Geological Survey

Plan of Action: 

Bioassessment (develop proposal, find funding/agency)

Gather data to establish baselines Long-term

Ecological Monitoring Program (LTEMP)

Protocol Hawaii Stream Visual Assessment Protocol (NRCS Protocol)

Water Quality Standard Operating Procedures and QA/QC


3/2000 WQ consultation-EPA (Clean Water Act review,

DOH 8/2000 LTEMP protocol established and monthly data collected on 'o'opu nakea fishery

11/2000 Received Tesoro Grant for water quality supplies

2000 IDEXX sealer and bacteria supplies purchased

Summer 2000 HWH (HHR) hired lead field technician (Identified appropriate fish and larval count protocols--redundant)

2004 EPA approved QA/QC and Standard Operating Procedures for WQ monitoring


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