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Konohiki Council

Over-fishing and over-crabbing are putting pressure on native species. Local council to manage Hanalei fisheries.

Project Status: Completed Project

Funding Status: Not Funded

Priority: Med

Project Lead: 

Hanalei WaterShed Hui


Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement

Plan of Action: 

Do more "talk story", education

Bio-assessment and fish harvest survey

Identify fishery management models in Hawaii and Pacific


2000-02 4 community meetings held

11/00 Forum on Moomomi Fisheries

2001 Discussion on who should enforce existing rules

12/03 HWH participated in a fisheries management conference on Molokai

2/04 HWH participates in network of communities pursuing local management of marine resources is formed

12/03 HWH participates in "Managing Better Together, Marine Management through Community Leadership"

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