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New Hanalei Overlook and FWS Visitor Center

Facilitate community participation in the design, concept, and scope of work being developed by State DOT.

Project Status: Active Project

Funding Status: Funded

Priority: Med

Project Lead: 

Hanalei WaterShed Hui

US Fish and Wildlife Service


Dept. of Transportation

Hanalei Community Association

Hanalei Road Committee

Princeville Corporation

Plan of Action: 

Contact consultant hired by DOT for this project

Provide a community forum

Identify community concerns

Assess benefit/cost to community

Update Community on DOT planning

Accomplishments : 

3/00 DOT recognizes HWH (HHR) as community participant

HWH produced two forums on overlook issue

HWH participates in community meetings and DOT meetings related to Overlook and provides information as appropriate.